We open the doors promptly at 8am (a throwback to the days when early bird shoe repairman and saddle makers would be our first customers of the morning). A family owned business since 1908 means that you’ll see cousins, Jim and Bruce at our Portland store, it also means that the same care and customer service our great-great grandfather built the company on over 100 years ago is still a tenant we hold to today. Some call us old fashioned but we like to think of it as simply providing excellent leather goods with unbeatable customer service. Whether you’re a craftsmen, artisan or just looking for help on a weekend project, Oregon Leather Co. has everything from full hides, tack and shoe findings to our famous leather scrap bins. We think great-great grandpa would be proud.

To visit our family stores in Seattle, WA and Billings, MT please click on the links below.

Hours + Locations

Portland – 110 NW 2nd Ave.

Mon. – Fri. 8am – 5pm

Sat. 10am – 5pm

Eugene – 810 Conger St.

Mon. – Fri. 8am – 5pm

Sat. 10am – 5pm


Email us directly: Portland - oregonleather@aol.com Eugene - oregonleatherco@gmail.com - Or, phone us at: Portland - 800.634.8033 or 503.228.4105 Eugene - 800.452.5058 or 541.343.2563


We believe our customers are best served by individual, hands-on customer care. Below you'll find a general description of goods. Please give us a call or come in to one of our locations if you have any questions or would like to place an order!


Deer, elk, pig, moose, bison, elk and deer raw hide, vegetable tanned, latigo, chap, garment, and upholstery. Leather by the side and scrap by the pound.

Crafts + Craft Tools

Kits, books, patterns, leather dyes and finishes, lace, threads, artificial sinew,  cements and more.

Shoe Findings

Sheet material, pre-cut soles and heels, nails, polishes, water repellents and much more.

Hair on Leather

Cow, calf, deer, sheep and assorted furs including tails and masks.


Buckles, snaps, rings, D rings and more.


Located on the second floor of our Portland store, we carry a large selection of saddles, a full line of tack, hardware and leathers. A smaller selection of saddlery hardware and leathers can be found in our Eugene location.

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